Telegram wowrollbot

Random number generator bot for Telegram
Telegram wowrollbot

Based on World of Warcraft's rollsystem

Telegram wowrollbot is based on the rollsystem as known from World of Warcraft. Simply type /roll and you will get immediate results!

Random number generation for Telegram

Trying to decide who is next in your Telegram group to organize this month's barbeque? Wowrollbot enables everyone to roll, the lowest roll loses!

A bot for Telegram groups

Easily add Telegram wowrollbot to your Telegram group by adding a new participant and search for 'wowrollbot'.

Usage and installation

To add wowrollbot to a group, simply add a new participant to the group and type 'wowrollbot' in the searchfield. Once added, you can send commands to the bot by sending /roll, resulting in a random number generation between 0 and 100. Alternatives are /roll [n] and /roll [n1] [n2], the former generates a random number between 0 and [n] and the latter generates a random number between [n1] and [n2]. All rolls are inclusive.
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