EVE Online
Custom Ship Labeler

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ship label example
color palette

Create your own ship labels in colors you like

With EVE Online Custom Ship Labeler you can create your very own ship labels, using your personal favourite color palette for each of your pilots.
distinguish different parts

Easily distinguish all parts of the ship label

Creating multiline ship labels and using different font sizes, font styles and colors, it will be easier to distinguish the different kinds of information shown by the ship label.
drag and drop

Intuitive drag-and-drop system

The intuitive user interface simplifies the process of creating your custom ship label. You no longer need to write hard-to-read XML/Yaml files.

Read the f'ing manual

EVE Online Custom Ship Labeler might seem daunting at first. The manual explains the usage in a step-by-step fashion and offers tips and tricks to easily create your own ship labels. Read it here.
read the manual

Great synergy with the Always-on-setting

There is a setting that can be set in the prefs.ini that will boost custom ship labels even more. With this setting on, you can immediately see who and what is in your surroundings. With a custom ship label, you can even see wether you're dealing with an NPC or a player. To learn more, please read this article.
labels always on

Single line or multi line, the choice is yours

EVE Online Custom Ship Labeler let's you be in charge of the layout of the ship label. Using multiple lines makes it easier to distinguish certain parts of the ship label, for instance the shiptype and its distance.
single or multi

Boost aesthetics and readability

Not only can you create ship labels that are nicer to look at, you can also improve the readability of the different parts of the ship label. Making clever use of different colors, font-sizes and font-styles will help by distinguishing the parts that matter, for instance the ship you are about to face.
boos aesthetics