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Live DPS Graph

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live dps graph
real-time dps

Get a grip on your real-time DPS statistics

Knowing your chances in a fight starts with knowing the numbers. Every move you make will have an impact on the numbers, Live DPS Graph visualizes both the real-time incoming and outgoing damage.
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Identify incoming and outgoing DPS

Live DPS Graph enables you to quickly visualize changes in your incoming and outgoing DPS. This will enable you to anticipate on these changes and get the best chance fighting your worst enemies.

Knowledge IS power, especially in EVE Online

Whenever anything seems to be off in the DPS Graph, you can learn from your mistakes. As numbers don't lie, the After Action Report will give you the ability to study the fight in your own pace.

Learn from the After Action Report

Apart from showing real-time damage statistics, Live DPS Graph also let's you view an After Action Report. This enables you to get a better grasp on what actually happened during a fight, teaching you valuable information that can be used in future engagements. View the After Action Report tool here.

See Live DPS Graph in action

To see Live DPS Graph in action, you can view the following video. The video will give you an idea of what it looks like and how you could use the information to your advantage. View it here.
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Create your own color scheme

You can create your own theme by editing the colors used in the overlay. This way you can make the application look like it is part of the EVE Online User Interface rather than a stand-alone application.
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There is no client manipulation and is in compliance with the EULA

Because Live DPS Graph gathers all of its data from the combat log, there is no client manipulation needed for it to work. For this, using it is in compliance with EVE Online's EULA. You will not get banned for using it.
in compliance with EULA